Institutional Investors

Select Equities provides research and dealing services to institutional investors. Select Equities aims to help the firm's institutional clients generate positive returns by investing in high quality listed and unlisted securities.

Select Equities institutional client services include:

  • Stock research
  • Industry analysis
  • Corporate access
  • Market intelligence
  • Dealing and execution
  • Block trades
  • Corporate issues

We provide services to the following institutional clients:

  • Professional investors
  • Sophisticated investors

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Dealing with Select Equities

Select Equities is paid by its clients when they place dealing instructions with the firm. Select Equities manages these instructions on behalf of its clients via an execution, clearing and settlement agreement with Share Investing Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of ANZ Banking Group Ltd.

Account Activation

To activate an institutional share trading account with Select Equities, please email us a copy of your standard settlement instructions (SSI’s) along with certified photo identification (driver’s licence or passport) for our primary contact at your company. Your instructions will be managed, inter alia, according to the terms contained in the enclosed Institutional Terms and Conditions.

Your SSI’s should also include any specific requirements you may have regarding trade confirmations, Omgeo CTM, Iress IOS, or any other particular requirements you may have.

Select Equities' Standard Settlement Instructions (SSI's)

Select Equities' settlement agent is Share Investing Ltd. The SSI’s and contact details are as follows:

Settlement via DVP: PID 01442
Omgeo CTM Alert: SHAREINV  
BIC / Swift Code: ANZBAU3M

Street Address:
Level 7, 347 Kent Street
Sydney NSW 2000



Note: Effective Monday 9 July 2018, Select Equities will be transferring its clearing and settlement services to a new platform to be provided by CMC Markets Stockbroking Limited. For trades executed on or after this date, the new SSI's will be:

Settlement via DVP: PID 2662 
Omgeo CTM Alert: CMMTAU21  
BIC / Swift Code: CMMTAU21XXX



Mailing Address:
PO Box 1346
Royal Exchange NSW 1224

For Bookings issues, IOS and Omgeo matching queries:
T 61 2 8937 6721 or to escalate settlement issues

Institutional Terms and Conditions
Institutional Terms and Conditions
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