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Select Equities Research

Select Equities Research includes a number of publications encompassing research on small, mid and large cap domestic and international stocks; long and short ideas; as well as industry analysis and proprietary insights.

- Select Equities publishes market leading research focused on ANZ companies doing business in China. The firm’s China Research helps clients to navigate the particular and opaque nature of the Chinese economy, identifying investment opportunities based on information and market arbitrage.

- Select Equities conducts research in relation to a number of emerging leaders listed on the ASX, based on an assessment of their ability to add alpha to our clients’ portfolios. The firm identifies investment and trading opportunities considering a variety of factors – including fundamental and technical analysis, the earnings cycle, structural and cyclical change, as well as market related opportunities.

- On the Brink is a market commentary by Select Equities – built on modelling and analysis of key macro-economic data, and comprising unique and insightful thoughts and recommendations.

Please contact your Select Equities adviser to arrange access to our high quality and differentiated research.

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